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Chris Rivest

Culinary Adventurer


Every plate has a story

It all started at a pub in SW Calgary. I worked the deep fryer station on the weekends while juggling senior year of High School. We were allowed a staff meal each shift. This allowed me the opportunity to get off my assigned station and create using the grill, burners and flat top. 

When I was a kid, I remember how revered the butcher was. I took a butchery and charcuterie certification course at SAIT. A decade later, that trade is what would turn me on to wildlife conservation, archery and sourcing my own protein from ethical sources. 

By my 30s, I had become infatuated with food in every aspect. I had garnered a 25K person subscriber base on YouTube and studied where every ingredient came from, their flavour pairings, and nutritional breakdown. I armed myself with a Nutritional Sciences Diploma and even found myself in the MasterChef Canada kitchen.

I've since helped develop recipes for a nutrition app, filmed a wild game butchery documentary while working as a butcher, moonlighting as a chef and brewer. 

I think I knew from the first shift at that pub this is something I was meant to do. Food has always ended up telling me I'm truly at my best when I've got all four burners going, Otis Redding on 11, licking a tasting spoon to see how the seasoning is. Let's share a bite of that feeling. 


- Chris Rivest