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Chris Rivest

Culinary Adventurer


Every plate has a story

I’ve always had a close relationship with food. From the first trout I caught with my dad when I was a kid and cooking it over a camp fire, I’ve always been drawn to it. When I was a teenager, my parents would work late and it would be on me to prepare dinner for my sister and me. I learned the basics in pub kitchens during high school, and how to run a clean station working part time kitchen gigs during college.

I went to school for media. To me, cooking was never a career. It was something that was in my bones. If I went camping with friends, I would be the first one up in the morning to start the fire to cook breakfast. If there was a party, I’d end up working the grill or stovetop late at night making drunken eats. Every holiday I would be the one who ended up cooking the turkey.

By my 30s, I had become infatuated with food in every aspect. I would volunteer at a Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood house in Vancouver to do food prep and learn things from people who were way better at cooking than me. I obsessed and studied where every ingredient came from, their flavour pairings, and nutritional breakdown. I armed myself with a Nutritional Sciences Diploma and even found myself in the MasterChef Canada kitchen.

I've since helped develop recipes for a nutrition app and filmed a wild game butchery documentary while working as a butcher, moonlighting as a chef.

I think people are truly at their best when they are together at the table, sharing a moment. And food is so momentary. It’s there, and in a moment it’s gone. So often do we fuss and stress out over hosting, that we neglect to enjoy that moment. I started SUP so you can savour the moment.


- Chris Rivest