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Shared Plates


Eric’s Oysters - GF

Hand picked and shucked on-site. East coast oysters. Ginger Hot Sauce, Mignotte, Horseradish. 

Sage and Ricotta Gnudi

Cured Ricotta balls Fried in Emerald Grasslands herbed butter served with crispy sage leaves. 

Charcuterie - GF

Guancale, Coppa, Finnociona olives, cheese, grapes, Pickles, Brassica mustard, Harvest Pate

Petis Farcis - V option available

Wild Mushroom and Veal stuffed baby vegetables (seasonal) 

Roasted Rapini Aritichoke Dip - V

Roasted rapini, cannelloni bean, cheese dip. 

Rabbit Pirogies

Pastry pirogies filled with rabbit rillettes. Clotted cream, tandoori carrot puree, pickled radishes. 

Smoked Trout & Roe  - GF

Inland Caviar and hot smoked Pate 

Salmon Candy Canape 

Just like they make in Tofino. 

Stuffed Chicken Wings - GF

Petis Farci but in boneless wings 

Blistered Shishitos - V, GF  

It’s all fun til you get the hot one. 

Short Ribs - GF

Korean Style 

Lager Chips - V

Beer marinated and freshly fried potato chips and aoili. 

Jalapeno Hushpuppies - V, D

Corn fritters and local honey. 

Smoked Tri Tip Tacos - GF

Rubbed and smoked til shredded Beef tri tip, pico de Gallo, guacamole  

Flautas   - V option available 

Taquitos but not from sev

Grilled Octopus - GF

Braised and grilled Octopus served with pickled fennel and Naval supreme


Classic Entrees

Fresh sourdough with every dinner party booking


Chicken Ballotine

Provencal Herb and Toasted Pine Nut Stuffed

Salmon Or Halibut  

Sustainably wild caught

Cote de Boeuf 

Prime Alberta Beef Ribeye off the chuck end.

Rib End Double Chop 

Locally Raised Pork Chop

Almond Tortellini

Vegan Pasta stuffed with Almond Cheese, topped with a herb frisée and spinach crema


Plated Dinner


Lapin Ballotine 

Deboned rabbit, stuffed with herbed forcemeat

Beouf Spinalis 

Alberta Raised AAA Rolled Rib Cap Medallions

Duck Breast 

Double breast tied together and slow roasted. Served in a dijon and peppercorn sauce

Sable Fish 

Lightly smoked and seared. Served with fennel frisée

Lamb Saddle 

Alberta Lamb back straps stuffed with provencal herbed pine nuts, served with juniper and red currant demi




Jerk Chicken 

Real Jerk

As hot as you want it

Baby Back Ribs

Kansas Style Ribs Pork Ribs

Beef Tri Tip

Coffee rubbed and slow roasted over pecan wood

Flank Steak 

Marinated beef belly finished with fresh Chimichurri


Pork Tenderloin wrapped in Pork Belly

Rotisserie Chicken

Sausage stuffed between the breasts and skin for maximum effect

Burgers and Brats

All flavour no filler.

Hand made beef patties and sausages from a fresh ground blend of specialty cuts. All the fixin’s.




Summer Succotash - V

Peas, Peppers, Corn and Onion lightly stirred and finished with herbs, spices and creme fraiche.

Salad - V , GF

House, Mint Pea, Beet Dill, Caesar, Mint Melon, Greek, BBQ Slaw, Mom’s Potato

Dauphine Potatoes - D 

Cheesy Mashed Yukon Fritters

Risotto - V

Arborio stirred in stock and wine and your choice of

Carrot, Pea or Wild Mushroom 

Peas and PECORINO (seasonal) - D, V 

Lightly stirred over heat, finished with shaved cheese and fresh herbs

Roasted Roots - V

Roasted carrots and radishes

Roasted Brussels

Guancale lardons and pistachios

Eggplant “Scallops" - Vegan 

Quick fermented eggplant

Wild Mushrooms en Pappiotte - V

Seasonal Foraged Mushrooms

Soup Of the Season - GF

Saffron Chanterelle




Creme Brulee and lavender shortbread

A rich custard made with locally raised eggs and cream, topped with caramelized sugar and a flaky, buttery shortbread cookie.

Paris Brest 

A Classic French Chioux Pastry filled with Praline cream and topped with candied almonds

PetiT Fours

A flight of decedent bite sized cakes

Vegan Cheesecake 

you won’t be able to tell the difference

Hand Crafted Ice Cream

Gelato, Sorbet and Vegan options available

Carla’s Cakes

Beautiful creations, handcrafted by one of Calgary’s top Pastry chefs.